Mel Newing Art, contemporary abstract art, oil paintings, animal nebula space art



Spirit Animal Meaning
Behind the outward strength lies a kind hearted and gentle soul.

“…Be wise, be strong in self, be loyal and know you are being encouraged to stand your ground with an inner strength you so heartedly possess…”


Spirit Animal Meaning
Take time to find the calm within.

“…Be kind to yourself and gentle on your soul…You are worthy of the best. Do not allow yourself to fall short of what you deserve…”


Spirit Animal Meaning
Open your heart to in-order to receive.

“…the elephant never forgets but this does not mean it cannot forgive…”

Highland Cow

Spirit Animal Meaning
Connect deeply with nature and the spiritual realm.

“…Thriving where others may fall. Stable of mind and body, steadfast in their actions and intentions….”


Spirit Animal Meaning
Symbolic of purity and the cycle of life, death and re-birth.

“….It is important that as we grow and develop, we too should let go of the old and rejuvenate with the new…”

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