Spirit Animal Meaning: Highland Cow

The cow is sacred to the Hindu community being symbolic of fertility with a nurturing nature as that of a Mother. They give milk to the young which aids in growth and strength. Form their milk comes many foods, so they can help and provide for many others besides themselves. They represent divinity and are a symbol of prosperity.

The cow is strong and enduring, facing and overcoming many obstacles. Thriving where others may fall. Stable of mind and body, steadfast in their actions and intentions.

When the cow connects with the spirit, know that you are the provider for many but also have a deep-set inner strength from which you must draw your energy. Many hurdles you will have faced, and many more may come, but you know deep down that you are more than capable of triumphing even the greatest of challenges set before you.

Be mindful to give as well as to receive, the offering of abundance will, in itself, attract the abundance. The cycle of life occurs in all areas of your life. Be what you want to attract. Connect deeply with the Earth and the spirit realm for restoring the balance and creativity within.

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