Mel Newing Art

Taking life, love and memories to a whole new level


Mel loves working with pastels and paints. Being fantastic modalities to get messy with, they produce a wonderful array of colours and textures that can inspire. Whilst enjoying other mediums, these are Mel’s ‘go to’ choices.

In the past she has also worked with graphite, inks, coloured pencil and more but favours pastels and paints.


So who am I, this Mel Newing of the art?

I am a self taught animal and pet portrait artist living in Essex, UK.  By creating animal portraits I hope to give you the chance to own original works and prints of wildlife subjects created in various mediums, as well offering commissions of your beloved animal friends, all drawn in my own unique style.

I’ve been developing my technique since 2012 and have found a love for pastels, acrylics and oils (it’s messy and it’s awesome!).  I completed a Pet Portrait Diploma with the London Art College in June 2017, gaining a Distinction (no shame, proud “tah-dah” moment!), and I’m keen as beans to add more works into my collection, hopefully grabbing your attention and keeping you wanting more!

I find drawing and painting to be relaxing and meditative. For me it’s a great way to chill out after a hard day in the “proper job”, and I can get carried away for hours on end, head stuck into a drawing, cuppa always at hand, pooch keeping me company by my feet.