Mel Newing Art, contemporary abstract art, oil paintings, animal nebula space art

Hello and welcome to my website

I am a self-taught artist living in Essex. My art journey initially began in the early 2000s at University where I would play with abstract oil and acrylic paintings. Then, in 2012, I wanted to delve into the art of realism. Undertaking a course with The London Art College I placed my focus on graphite and pastel pet portraits. I gradually explored other mediums including inks, acrylics and oils as well as digital development, before landing on the inspiring art of today.

My love of oils has been with me for many years, but it took a while to combine my skills and align my head and heart. Journeying from abstract to realism and back to abstract has brought me full circle to discover what I truly love, encompassing my affection for the animal kingdom with my awe of the galactic world. I yearn to explore the meditative nature of art on my rest days, bridging the gap between the celestial cosmic universe and beautifully inspiring animal kingdom, relaxing from my work with the Essex Ambulance Service.

I create works using oil paints and modelling paste. Adding textures on canvas over which I can lay flows and swirls of blended colours, building layers and interest to develop each Animal Nebula artwork. I want to intrigue the mind over what could be in the great unknown of the deepest depths of space.

I am inspired by nature and the universe as a whole, and want to blend this altogether as one on canvas. I also would like to increase conversation around the light pollution that sets a veil between us and the night sky.

I want to show the connection between “us”, the collective of life whether human or animal, and the “out there”, the greater beyond. We are matter and energy and matter and energy is us. The elements join everything together. We are all one.

I would love for you to be able to immerse yourself in these stunning pieces as I do, so you’ll be transported to a realm where dreams and reality converge, where you can set your imagination free through the ever-expanding greatness of the unknown depths of space and travel on an emotional journey for you and your soul.

For requests and information about commissions and artwork, please contact Mel here.

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