Spirit Animal Meaning: Elephant

The elephant symbolises power, strength and wisdom. Family connections stay important throughout life and bonds are always strong, even if distance is wide. With a staggering memory, the elephant never forgets but this does not mean it cannot forgive. Kind to those within the circle, and protective against those who would do harm, the elephant is a formidable force to be reckoned with.

In some cultures they are a symbol of good luck and bountiful harvests. This can mean new things are on the horizon to which you must open your heart in-order to receive.

Should the elephant connect with your heart and soul within the spiritual setting, be sure to draw on their qualities to overcome or cope with your current situations. Draw strength from those around you, and from deep within, and recall beneficial lessons passed down from those before you. Remember, everyone who has lived before has been through events that can help you now, so reach out to gain knowledge that you can take forwards and also pass on to future souls.

Do not be afraid when the elephant stands with you. Protector and provider, they will guide you, if you allow them, so be sure to open up to their strength and energy.

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