Spirit Animal Meanings: Gorilla

“I have a plan,” said the Universe. “Do you trust me?”

The Silverback gorilla, with all its’ magnificence and powerful demeanour, symbolises strength, endurance and courage. Passionately loyal to it’s family and protective beyond words. Wise and strong, the Silverback is a true rock for those within its clan, willing to protect at all costs those who are dearest to them.

Behind the outward strength lies a kind hearted and gentle soul. A keeper of the peace and a member of the family who plays fairly to all. You know where you stand with this creature. They will love you to the end of the Universe but will teach and correct with directness when necessary.

If this wonderful animal comes to you within the spirit realm, and speaks to your heart, you may well be in need of a more confident, stedfast approach to a life situation currently presenting itself. Draw on the strength and leadership he imposes. Know that you are worthy. You are more than capable of making your own decisions and should feel confident that you are being guided in the right direction, however, know also that you need to be patient and act wisely.

The gorilla does not rush into any decisions. He will watch and monitor before giving others a warning of his position. He will dominate with strength of character and a show of his true inner self. Resorting to physical acts of threat or violence is never his first choice and will be avoided at all costs.

Be wise, be strong in self, be loyal and know you are being encouraged to stand your ground with an inner strength you so heartedly possess.

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