Spirit Animal Meaning: Polar Bear

Fear not, though I may walk the path alone and in sparse surroundings, my heart is filled with courage, love and determination. I do not give up easily. Though times may be hard, I push onwards for the goodness of self and family. I wait for the rising of the new dawn, and watch as the life it offers me comes into sight.

The great polar bear, a powerful symbol of determination and inner strength. With a natural ability to guide itself through the harshest of environments, they suggest that you trust your instincts with the obstacles you are set to overcome.

Their ability to adapt to differing terrain suggests that you, the owner of your own fortune, can bounce from strength to strength, ever changing in the times as needed. You are more than capable of facing adversity. Stand tall in your decisions and walk proudly forwards towards your goals.

You are capable of blending in well to your chosen situation, but be careful not to lose yourself in the ebb and flow of life. Remind yourself daily of your visions and dreams and reach higher knowing that this wise, powerful and strong animal guide walks beside you.

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