Spirit Animal Meanings: Giraffe

The power to view all from the greatest of heights, the giraffe as a spirit animal helps you to see further into your life. Considered gentle and elegant, the spirit of the giraffe emanates peace and humility. Serenity is what they exude.

Moving with a grace and poise, these creatures use their given attributes to be able to reach for the highest and best food around. They can reach where others cannot and this should encourage you to reach over and above where you currently are. You are worthy of the best. Do not allow yourself to fall short of what you deserve.

Although gentle and serene, the giraffe can defend itself when necessary. Be mindful of those around you who would see you fall. Turn around and walk away from them with your head held high. Have the courage to stand alone if needed but do not be afraid to reach out to those closest to you to share your burdens, especially when others are trying to bring you down.

If you see this animal in its spirit form connecting to your heart, be kind to yourself and gentle on your soul. You are being reminded that you matter and looking after YOU is important. Take time to find the calm within and bring serenity into your life.

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