Spirit Animal Meanings: Vulture

Many people will view the vulture and buzzard in a negative way but they are a vital part of the biodiversity of the world. They are the clean up crew, ridding the land of what would otherwise become a problem after death. They aid in the most vital part of the most natural cycle of the planet – birth, death and re-birth.

This spiritual cycle does not just occur after life. It is important that as we grow and develop, we too should let go of the old and rejuvenate with the new. Thus the cycle becomes a part of life too and the vulture is symbolic of the connection between this world and the afterlife.

Revered as Gods in some cultures, they are mysterious and wondrous creatures. They were sacred to the Goddess Isis with symbolic meaning of purity and motherhood, drawing on the strong feminine power. Unafraid and courageous, the vulture is a messenger of change and metamorphosis.

Adapting to change with ease and able to open arms wide to new beginnings, those who connect with the vulture and buzzard can benefit from the ability to seamlessly shift and accommodate developments that arise in front of them.

Be patient though and choose wisely. Be sure your choices benefit your highest good – listen deeply to your heart. Learn from your past and be sure to not make the same mistakes twice. As a new door opens into which you step, you must allow adequate time for transformation to unfold.

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