The Weald Country & Craft Show and Festival of Dogs

Gazebo at Weald Country Show, Festival of Dogs

A sneek peek snippet behind the scenes…

The Weald Country & Craft Show and Festival of Dogs

I would like to start by saying a HUGE “THANK YOU!” to family, friends, already-followers and new-followers-on-the-scene who managed to make it to The Weald Country & Craft Show and Festival of Dogs this Bank Holiday weekend! It was lovely to meet everyone and I thank you for showing your support, not just to me in my little gazebo, but also to the event as a whole. I managed to have a walk around the grounds and thought there were some great things to see, do and buy, and your support goes to helping all these wonderful crafts and events continue.

This was my first ever country show and to say I was a little anxious would be an understatement! So what did it take to be a part of this event?

Planner Diary

Lots of research, planning, packing and preparing!

There were numerous forms to fill out and time off to try and book from the “proper job”. Once all that had been done and my place confirmed, the research started.

What should I hang? Should pictures just be of pets? Add in some fantasy? Add in wild animals? What do people want to see? How do I safely hang everything? Alongside things such as tools/tables/fancy things to decorate/how to behave/where to store things and how to market the event online. Not forgeTime to box everything upting the all important “dress for the English Weather” (boots/flip flops/jumper/sun cream?!)

The word was spreading on line and via word of mouth, the time was getting nearer, so then begins the task of getting everything boxed and packed ready for the day.  I had pastel works to show but these needed to be framed – it would be a shame to damage them by not taking more time to prepare. With frames come mounts  and picture hooks and wire, blasted fiddly things!

Preparing the show gazebo for The Weald Country & Craft Show and Festival of DogsSo – the weekend arrives!

Set up day was Saturday, so at midday I arrive with my partner, dog and a car load of boxes. The process of standing with hands on hips going “Well in my head it worked perfectly!” starts and 3 hours later I’m proudly standing back thinking “Yippee!”. All the planning had worked and my gazebo is ready.

So what did I learn?

  1. Outside there is wind. This will take everything you have nicely placed on the table, all neat and awesome looking, and dump it all in one pile either on the floor or in the middle of said table. Extra bungees were a good call for the pictures!Preparing the show gazebo for The Weald Country & Craft Show and Festival of Dogs

  2. Communication is key and signs should be bigger.

  3. I cannot multi-task very well! Either my focus is on the people or the drawing or the animals and a choice must be made.

  4. It was fun and an experience!!  You should never stop learning so expect to make mistakes and learn something from them.

I think, despite the rather damp weather on Sunday, the event was a success and for me a great experience and learning curve. If you have any feedback or suggestions I can take with me to future fairs, please let me know – you can facebook your ideas, email me or add a comment on the blog.

Again, these events would be nothing without you lovely people and the support you show to all the stall holders there.

Thank you!