The Old Man of the Forest


Original is A3 drawn in ink pen as pointillism style.

Available as poster prints sizes Medium and Large, on 250 gsm paper.

Original reference photo by Mel Newing Art.

This piece is available to purchase on cards with Love From The Artist



Animal art & pet portraits by Mel Newing Art

Orangutan, the old man of the forest.

All of the great apes are astoundingly beautiful and intelligent but there is something different about the orangutan for me.  The look in their eye is one of deep contemplation, they appear thoughtful, full of grace and quiet strength.

They are said to be the most intelligent of the great apes – their ability to problem solve is immense – yet they are an endangered species due to habitat lose and the length of time between having each young.

I cannot imagine how many dots there are in this unique ink pen drawing.  If you manage to count them please let me know…….!





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