Greyhound Ink Art – My shadow beside me…


Created using Inchiostro Stilografico inks on A4 Mixed media paper, this piece will look beautiful mounted and framed for your wall.

Also available on cards with Love From The Artist


Greyhound Ink Art

“My shadow beside me….”

Created on A4 mixed media paper using Inchiostro Stilografico inks in varying colours, this piece shows the silhouetted figure of a greyhound, which is, in my mind, walking along a beach on a beautiful summers day.  His shadow beside him….I image the water to be lapping against the shore, the birds singing, seagulls crying overhead, with dog and owner enjoying a stroll in the summer breeze.

This piece would make a perfect compliment to any room, bringing cheer and calm to your wall.

The greyhound is such a regal animal and a true companion, loving life outdoors, but savouring those times laid by the fire relaxing indoors too.  A hunter by breed, a friend by nature.

Created from an image on Pixabay, I hope you can enjoy viewing this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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