“The patient “Wait!” “


This pastel artwork is already mounted with an off-white mount, conservation backing board, in a protective sleeve. It is all ready to be framed measuring just under 11.5inch x 16inch in total.

It uses CarbOthello and Rembrandt pastels on a Pastelmat paper, with the artwork being approx A4.

This artwork is also available on cards with Love From The Artist


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Animal art & pet portraits by Mel Newing Art

Beagle pastel art!

An awesome and beautiful companion….

…whose main purpose in life, I believe, is to sniff out every morsel of food it can find on your walks out! With their noses being the centre of their lives if you want a dog that can track you to the nearest disregarded loaf of bread or rabbit hole then this is the dog for you!

Far too intelligent, massively strong willed and legs that will go on for hours.  The wonderful beagle.

Animal art & pet portraits cerated to show the character behind the eyes!  A beautiful pastel piece on Pastelmat paper, size A4.  The original piece is currently mounted, bagged in a protective sleeve and ready for framing.

To register your interest for a Limited Edition Print go to the Newsletter page, enter your email and tick the box for “The Patient “Wait!””.  This will add you to the list and, with enough interest, prints can be made and you will be the first to hear it.

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