How It’s Made: Pastel Art – Giant Panda

Giant Panda created using pastels

How it’s made….

Giant Panda Pastel Art

Since I’ve been getting into making my Ink Art videos, I thought it would be a nice idea to start showing my pastel art process too.  Giant Panda is my newest work to date (Jan 2018) and below is the video.

The piece was already part way through because I hadn’t started the videos prior to the beginning of the artwork starting, but I didn’t think it would hurt showing the final stages.

My Giant Panda pastel art has been a popular piece, I think because they are such an endearing creature!  Drawn using my Rembrandt and CarbOthello pastels, I chose an A3 pastelmat paper, colour anthracite, as I felt this would compliment the colours of the panda well.  Pastel colours used included whites, blues, yellows, browns, purple and black.

This video, as I mentioned, comes in part way through the process.  What you can see is me gradually adding layers of fur on to the giant panda to build up the picture.  There has already been around 3 or 4 layers already.

Take note of the light and shadow.  As you look at the piece, the left is far brighter, and this has to be kept in mind as you are drawing.  Yes, the outer most fur layer is white, but white is never pure white anyway.  It’s always made up of greys and, in this case, browns and yellows too.  The darker colours are simply more prominent on the right side in order to give the correct visual effect of lighting.  If you made all the top layer the same colour white the picture would look flat and have no contours.

As whites are never pure white, blacks aren’t pure black either!  In there will be purple, a bit of blue and greys.  The final white highlights are added gently so as no to add in too much white. There needs to be that contrast between those blacks and whites…’s all about contrast and tones.

I hope you like watching this video.  I plan to create more in the future.

Thank you for watching.


Click here to see the original artwork:  Original Art

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