London Art College – Assignment 3

London Art College drawing "Boxer And Toy"

London Art College

Assignment 3

Well it’s been a busy few months trying to complete all these drawings for the London Art College.  This assignment requires 5 pictures in total.  5?!  Damn!  That’s a lot to fit in seeing as I am trying to complete it in the year, mis-calculated how many months each assignment would take and had a commission to complete last month (and don’t forget the “proper job” in there somewhere too!)

Nay worries though – I’m 4 of 5 pictures completed with the plan to get the last one done this week.  All well and good to completing it all by the end of February.  Please wish me luck….

So, what have I been up to?  Well I need to do a picture to include; a tongue, a nose, a collar, a dog with a toy in it’s mouth and lastly a horse portrait.  I have yet to complete the horse.  I have chosen to do the nose and dog with toy in Derwent’s new Graphic pencils.  (Blog to appear hopefully soon about how I got on with those!).  The tongue and collar are in pastels (I’m in love with them!).  Want to see them?  I hope you won’t be disappointed!

First the graphite pencil pieces:

“Dog Nose”

London Art College assignment piece "Dog Nose"

Simple, to the point – it’s a nose!   Taken from a photo of my Mum’s late dog, Henry, all I needed was the nose and small amount of surrounding area to give some clarity and not have the nose fully floating in fresh air.  It felt weird not adding more to this picture and I had to stop myself completing all the photo!  But there are a lot of drawings for this assignment and as this is all about specific areas to study I tried to restrain myself…..however…..

“Boxer and toy”

London Art College drawing "Boxer And Toy"

…..I COULDN’T NOT COMPLETE THIS PICTURE!!!  I couldn’t help it, I had to complete “Boxer and Toy”!  Special thanks to @bonnie_bailey_boxers on Instagram for the great reference photo – I really enjoyed drawing this piece but the toy gave me nightmares!  Initially, I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew and considered making the ball smooth but nope, I needed to challenge myself – and what a challenge!  It took in total about 19 hours (that can’t be right , can it Toggl?!  I must have forgotten to switch it off 😀 ) but I am so glad I finished it.  This will be a great piece to show at Weald Country Show this Easter.

The pastel pieces:

“Dog Tongue”

London Art College assignment piece - "Dog Tongue"

Well this was my first real attempt with pastels and I’ve fallen in love!  I purchased some Pastelmat paper and splashed out on some CarbOthello pencils (Thanks Jason Morgan for the advice!), tried another piece first to get the hang of what I was supposed to be doing and then fired away with this.  Drawn from a photo of my Mum’s dog, Amber, I was pretty chuffed with this.  The colours make such a difference.  It was a real nice change to use colours for shading rather than tones of grey and seemed to add a new dimension that was refreshing.

“Dog Collar”

London Art College assignment piece "Dog Collar"

I was a little apprehensive of this piece.  A leather collar and metal clasp/tag.  Now my realism is getting there with animals but with real objects like leather and metal?  Eek!  So what do you think?  I was quite pleased with the outcome to be fair.  Whether realistic or not I think there’s  a tone to the leather/tag etc which is not bad really.

So, there we have it for the moment.  4 of 5 drawings, 1 more to go, then assignment 4 will be ready to hand it.

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