Let’s do the best that we can.

Baby Leopard
Baby Leopard Pastel Art

Let’s do the best that we can.

It’s been a difficult year so far…..

but we all have to keep on going!  I’ve been away from the drawing for a little bit and am gradually coaxing myself back, having managed to focus on creating this Baby Leopard.  With the challenges in the Ambulance Service and NHS, it’s been hard to keep focus on the work at home with my art.

We all have our challenges and tests, up’s and down’s, but what can we do to keep on going through difficult times? 

Stay positive. 

Now this one is hard!  But if we remember that everything will change and even this current situation will move on, we can then focus on the positives we have and the positives ahead.

Look at the things you do have and be grateful.  

Gratitude really does help strengthen your mental outlook on things.

Find a hobby.  

It doesn’t matter what that is!  But find something to keep your mind and body occupied.  A hobby that works towards an end goal, such as gardening, drawing, cross stitch or model making for example, can sometimes be better as you see your creation develop and build motivation to finish it off.

Do the best that you can.  

That’s all you can ever do.  The best that YOU can with your own challenges, tests, up’s and down’s.  


The act of sitting quietly and focusing can really help the mind to be calm.  That sense of calm can lead to a peaceful outlook and a better way of coping in difficult times.

Be kind to yourself. 

Life can be hard but remember to be kind to the one and only you.  You are important!

In Loving Memory

Some of you will know that my dear friend and old crew mate, Neil Ruch, died in May due to contracting Covid-19.  I would like to thank everyone for their love, support and understanding. 

He will be dearly missed by all. 

Thank you for your support with my art journey Neil.


Dealing with Grief

It’s something that will affect all of us so please remember you are not alone.  There are fantastic support groups around, please do call on them & do not struggle on your own.

Below are a few groups you can contact to gain access to both Bereavement, Mental Health and Alternative Therapy support.

Cruse Bereavement Care
Time To Change
Billericay Herbal Medicine
Elemental Soul Alternative Therapy
Quantum-Rahanni Healing

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