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The Magic Of Colour…….

A while back I decided to start creating works using inks. I had a calligraphy set bought as a gift and, after realising I wasn’t very good at calligraphy, decided to use the inks for drawing. Why waste a good medium?!

Colour Ink Art is quicker to create than the pastel or graphite pieces. I love working with pastels, but sometimes I want to work in a “freer” way than the pastels allow me. I want to do something a little different at times. They may be less detailed than the fine art, but they hold a different quality and look awesome!

Everyone should be able to own original art, but art comes at a cost, so creating something accessible to all was my idea. Ink arts were born!

The most recent Ink Arts are smaller postcard sized works. I would like to share these with you in this post rather than add them as products, my plan is to take them to the Orsett Show in September 2019, where ypou can purchase them.

I do hope you like these colourful works of art?

Ink Art Animal Portraits

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