Pastel Art: I’ll see you on the other side

Completed Hand drawing

Pastel Art:  “I’ll see you on the other side”

I’ve been wanting to work on this piece for a little while now but other things have got in the way.  With the Diploma now done and no more exhibitions for a little while, I took the opportunity to give it a try and see what would happen!  I thought this would make a good pastel art piece.

This idea was born in October 2016.  I just so happened to sketch out an idea (see below) and thought, “Mmm, I like that!”

Dealing with difficult jobs at work, and still being affected at the time by the loss of a dear friend many years ago, plus the passing of others, this piece for me seemed like something I really wanted to develop.

Pen and pencil hand sketch
Pen and pencil hand sketch

So, this sketch happened and then other things took precedence.  Until now!

By now, I’d had plenty of practice with pastels and felt that this piece needed colour to really work, it had to be pastel art!  So I messed around in Gimp, a photo editing programme, with the initial idea until I had something which resembled what I was after, a “solid” hand and a “ghostly” hand. pastel art

Initial idea for the hand drawing from the PC
Initial idea for the hand drawing from the PC

Once this was done I could then start the sketch work on Pastelmat paper.  I chose the darkest colour paper I have and started stage 1….

As you can see, I am using green as an undertone.  SAY WHA’?!  Yes, that’s right – green!  I had been doing some reading on how to draw realistic skin tones and the suggestion was for green underneath.  This helps to dull down the reds that will be put on top and creates a more natural tone.  Do you think it works?!

Initial sketch onto pastelmat paper
Initial pastel art sketch onto pastelmat paper of the hand drawing

Ah! First hand nearly done!  The 2nd “ghostly” hand is looming….and I had no idea how I was going to do that!

Here’s a close up of the 1st hand.  I’m pretty please with how this has turned out.  For a 1st attempt at skin since I’ve been using pastels I think this is not bad at all, even if I do say so myself!

Hand one – done!

So, the next challenge – draw a see-through hand!  After some questioning on an art site I’m on, I decided on using blues for this hand.  I was a little nervous when I began but I think the blue is a lovely contrast to the realistic hand.  I was going to use light pink but I’m glad I decided otherwise.

Making a start to the ghost hand
Making a start to the ghost hand

So what technique did I use?  Basically, darker outline, lighter in the middle, and don’t forget to show the fingers which are behind the fingers in front!  As there are no objects behind this hand, trying for a ghostly feel is not easy as there’s nothing to suggest it’s see thorough.  So the next best thing I chose was to keep the colours light in the middle, even erasing some of it out, to try for an illusion effect.

The completed piece to date!  I will give it a few days before coming back and seeing what changes to make.  I may add some more detail, I may take some away, but I will definitely look with fresh eyes before calling it “complete”!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and seeing how pictures progress?  Please feel free to share my work to those who you think will enjoy it.  Thank you!

Find the original pastel art here:  Original Art

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