Derwent Graphic Pencil Review

Final photo of the completed Lion drawing.

Me and Derwents Pencils….:) I’ve been given the fantastic opportunity through the London Art College to try out Derwents new Graphic Pencil range and how excited I am! The package dropped through the post and I couldn’t wait to start using them. First things first, whats in the package? Well I’m delighted to find 3 tins of 12 pencils, ranging from 9H to 9B. Just the pictures on the front are enough to inspire me! Giddy head and childish excitement aside I now had to think of what to do.…

Animal Photography…..the African Elephant.

African Elephant at Colchester Zoo photo

A trip to Colchester Zoo was on the cards for me to test out my new camera and here’s a shot of their African Elephant.  I have a number of photos I liked but this is the 1st I wanted to upload.  I debated whether it was a good shot due to the framing – I didn’t know whether to have more of the elephant in the shot or not, but I liked it so I thought I would upload it!  Hope you like it too……..  

Animal Photography….the Kudu.

Male Kudu antelope photographed at Colchester Zoo

So I thought it time I dabbled in some animal photography and produced my own pictures to draw from.  There are plenty of photos to choose from online, but the main concern for me lies in copyright to that photo which I then reproduce in a drawing (it can be complicated……….:/).  The easiest way to tackle this – get my own photos!  Now, there will be times when I simply cannot photograph what I wish to draw, macro is an example of this as I haven’t worked out how to…


Graphite and pastel pencil pet portrait commission

My latest commission is little Murphy, a rescue pup who has been welcomed into his new forever home with open arms and is making his mark from what I’ve been told!  Here are the step by steps leading up to his finished piece……this was drawn using graphite pencil and pastel pencils for the eyes (he has cool eyes!  1 blue and 1 brown!) Stage 1 The commission starting process – puppy outline has been completed with basic shading started.  The eyes now drawn in pastel pencil begin to give some idea…

London Art College – Assignment 2 (works in progress)

Acryclic paint dog eyes.

                        So the next part of the course focuses on eyes.  The eyes are the most important part of any portrait.  If these go wrong, the whole piece can lose focus (no pun intended!) and life.  The task at hand is to draw eventually draw 2 sets of eyes, both in graphite pencil and then one in pastel and one coloured pencil.  We can also experiment with paints, something I haven’t attempted for a long while but have been…

London Art College – Assignment 1

Pencil study of a chocolate labrador.

So, I started a diploma in Pet Portrait with the London Art College in June and have so far completed assignment 1.  This included a still life drawing, a dog portrait and a a piece entitled “About Me”.  Here’s what I did…… Still Life A jug on a wooden table.  Easy right?!  Not for me.  I haven’t drawn anything like this since school all them many moons ago in the early ’90’s (where’s the time gone?!) so this was a challenge.  Perspective had to be right. Get the lines wrong…


Orangutan draw in pen

Step 1:  Create the outline and start the drawing.  I always start with the eyes as they are the most important feature in my opinion.  If I get them wrong, beside the actual shape of course, the drawing will not work. Step 2:  2nd eye fully completed and some more feature work across the nose.  With ink work it’s important not to go too dark – you can’t rub it out! Step 3:  Some of the outer fur work has been completed here and nose/nostrils.  There is much more black…