How It’s Made – Animal Ink Art – Gorilla

Gorilla drawn in colour Ink and Ink Pen

Animal Ink Art

Watch as I create my Gorilla ink art!

In this video I create an A4 Animal Ink Art piece of Gorilla using Inchiostro Stilografico inks.  Borrowing a typical oil painting technique called wet on wet, where a wet layer (ink) is added to a wet layer (in this case water) already applied to the paper, I love how this makes the painting somewhat unpredictable and quite freehand.

Now, these inks were bought for me by a dear friend for my birthday with the intention of them being used for Calligraphy, hence you’ll see me applying them with a calligraphy pen!  Alas, after receiving them, I soon realised my calligraphy skills were about as good as my dogs’ at cooking a full roast, so I needed a new direction and my maths ability meant I came up with the following equation:

Art + Inks = worth trying out to see if I can make owt!

My first piece was actually an African Elephant but from here my interest grew, which led to Gorilla and more!  (Click the link in that sentence to see that piece.)

I then decided I needed to start showing you how I actually get from start to finish with each piece of art, and my “How to…” vids were born!

I still have things to improve (nothing is ever perfect, that learning curve just gets bigger!) and I’d like to start by getting a a decent bulb for my lamp.  Even  if I had 5 lamps the light would still be pants, so a white bulb is on my list of things to buy this year…..

This piece has already been sketched onto my paper – that would be naff to watch, so I skipped past that to where the fun really begins.

I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, please share!

Thank you

Many thanks to Eclipse Music for the piece “Into The Light”

To view the work click here:  Original Art

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  1. I like African Elephant more. I love the colors you use, it is amazing to use inks to create such good artwork. Well done.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like my African Elephant piece, it’s awesome playing with inks!

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