Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard pastel pencil art

The handsome Amur Leopard.

The Secretive Hunter

The beautiful Amur Leopard.  Drawn here using Rembrandt and CarbOthello pastels on A3 Pastelmat paper.

This piece took approximately 8 hours to complete and was a joy to draw!

Although I drew him on a dark slate grey tinted paper, I still felt it needed more of a black background to really help those golden colours come through.  I mounted him with a darker coloured mount, and I feel this also helps the colours jump from this piece.

I have been lucky enough t get up close to these wonderful cats.  Although only in captivity, it was still a joy to be able to look them straight in the eye!

One of the smaller of the big cats, there is still no denying the power of those jaws, the accuracy of their paws and the incredible hunting skill they possess.

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This piece is also available on greetings cards here:  Love From The Artist